Colorado Wing, Civil Air Patrol

Communication Equipment Inventory

The purpose of this program is to gather information on the inventory status of radios, and supporting gear, allocated to the Colorado Wing. Some of these hard goods are assigned to CAP members through ORMS, some items are not assigned to individuals and are for general use with squadrons, such as for cadet use.

This form seeks to determine the status of this equipment whether assigned or not. If assigned, then the assignee is expected to submit this information; if not assigned, then the individual overseeing the unassigned items (such as squadron communications officer) should submit it.

The proof of existence for inventoried items is a current photograph of it. Ideally, this photograph shows its CAP property tag along with a time-stamping item such as a current newspaper in view. It is accepted that there are occasions where this detail is difficult, or impossible to achieve such as equipment installed in airplanes or vehicles. It is also understood that many members will take these pictures with an iphone or ipad. Please restrict picture size to less than 1.5 Mbyte.

This form allows submittal of the equipment details, and the uploading of its photograph, from an iphone or ipad when connected to the Internet.

The form asks for a minimum of information, and should be completed in minutes. Most fields are self-explanatory, but, a few benefit from explanation: For location submit squadron and city , ie CO-001; Denver. You can select a series of photos until you find the best showing the equipment. After finding the best the program will stamp your record with its name, and will upload the image to the server.

If you have more than one piece of equipment, submit each as a separate record.